Welcome to Nat’s Nook Writing! This is a place to find encouragement in writing and in other aspects of life. Nobody has everything put together but we tend to think we’re the only ones. Here is an example of what life is really like for everyone:


This is a place where I’d like to keep things “real” so as a result, my posts aren’t drafted and edited. Yes I call myself a writer, and yes I have plenty of typos. Maybe not everything will make sense the way I’d like it to, but that means that you can share what you have to offer, and you don’t have to worry about it being perfect. This is an unedited zone so tell me what you think, and share your stories!

I have been writing since I was eight and I love connecting with anyone who loves reading or writing. Come here for stories, tips, ideas, and to connect and share!


The latest of what I learn or realize about life and writing:

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