One of the best things about fiction is that almost anything goes! When people find out I like to write and that it’s what I’m studying in school, they ask what kind of writing I do, they often assume that I want to do journalism. But the thing about journalism is that you have to do a lot of research, and while I like learning about new things, I don’t like keeping track of all the facts and citing it in my paper. What I really like is being able to make up whatever I want. In my worlds I get to come up with the facts, and I am the expert.

Ava’s Kingdoms

Glacia, the kingdom of her mother and Nordia, the kingdom of her father, have been at war since she was born. The two kingdoms are side by side, Nordia with mountains and a farming kingdom, Glacia with a coastline for more than half of its border, an incredible navy and a monopoly on the riches of the sea. The ongoing war has taken a toll on the kingdoms, though they have been in a stalemate for a decade. All of Glacia remains distraught over the loss of their adored princess while Nordia suffers from the impulses of their superstitious king.

Cindy’s Shop

The glass shop is a place where Cindy spent her childhood. The heat never seemed to bother her because she was watching the incredible work of her father. He made the practical things like goblets, vases, and jugs that everyone would buy, but he also made ornaments and beautiful things only the wealthy could justify buying. Her favorite was the glass slippers he had made, he only made one pair that she ever knew of, and that pair had a special place on a shelf, overlooking the rest of the shop. It was a miracle she and her stepfamily were allowed to keep the shop after her father’s death since there wasn’t a man to own it. But they didn’t own it as a place of business, it was just a workshop. It took a long time before it was even used, but Cindy knew she had to carry on what her father had taught her.