Freeze-Dried Earth

Looking out at the sun shinning on yellowed grass and bare trees you almost feel like you’re in a desert. But you know that the moment you open the door you’ll want to be bundled up in all the clothes you have. There is emptiness, a thirst, as you look out at the cold, dry scenery. The bright, blinding rays of the sun cut through the cold and offers a taunting illusion of warm weather.

When clouds finally do come, it at least matches the emotion of the dead plants and cold weather, but the thirst is worse. The gloom only offers a trickle of hope in a suggestion of rain or snow. But the cold sucks the moisture and life out of any living thing foolish enough to be outside longer than necessary.

The white stuff that wafts down from the sky brings with it a calming assurance that there is relief. The magic fluff has a cool crisp feel as soon as it appears and transforms the scenery instantly. The shriveled mounds of dirt and greyed plants slowly form majestic, snow-crested mountains, and the empty trees soak in the weight, catching all they can.

With the sun pushing away the clouds the brightness bounces off every surface and lightens the mood. You almost go blind with the happy scene, and you enjoy it while you can. Already you can feel the warmth of the sun drying up the snow.


This was my attempt to capture the winter we’ve had here this year in Utah. I don’t know for sure if I’ve succeeded in portraying the image that I saw looking at the landscape of Utah this winter, but I tried. How has your winter been and what kind of feelings has it left you with? Enough for a story maybe?

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