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Story Mapping

A while ago I wrote Novel Planning about different ways that you can plan out a story. Mapping things out is something that's important to me because I like the structure. In middle school I remember writing a story that I was enjoying, but then I realized that it kept going on and on, I'd… Continue reading Story Mapping

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Living as Productively as a Story

When I first started writing stories I would have characters and one adventure and event after another. The characters were always moving along from one task to the next. But I realized, that even with a notebook full of events, I didn't really have a story. What I had was busy characters that weren't really… Continue reading Living as Productively as a Story

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Wood Elves

I love writing, and I absolutely love fantasy. So, I thought I would share a little exercise I did the other day. This is me trying to consolidate ideas into the beginnings of world building for some stories I'd like to write. It turned out with it's own narrative voice so I thought it'd be… Continue reading Wood Elves