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Natalie Nielson, writer of Nat's Nook-Writing

I’m Natalie, and this is my writing nook, where I share my thoughts and encouragement to write and create. I created Nat’s Nook – Writing for writers, but also for everyone who creates! You may be surprised with how much this might apply to your hobbies.

You can learn more about me and the technical details about my writing journey. Or, what’s better and way more interesting, is what I’ve got below!

Works In Progress

I’ve got some stories to tell you! So check out my WIPs and let me know what you think! I primarily write fantasy, and I like the fairy tale kind of fantasy. So, if you are looking for a new princess or another rewrite of Cinderella, this is where you want to go.

Most of my stories spend years incubating and developing. Writing is a long process. I share a little bit about my stories to keep myself on task and remembering what I want to be working on. If you find a favorite, let me know to give me a bit more motivation to finish!

Life Lessons

Life is full of learning opportunities, read my blogs about what I’ve learned from life. I am the type of person that overthinks things and analyzes everything. The plus side to this is that I find lessons and reminders to be better and do better.

This page may be interesting if you’re looking for another perspective on things. With applications to living a good life, being productive, and making time to write, I write about what I find is helpful and what encourages the right mindset for me.

Writing and Creating

Check out this awesome spot if you want to make something incredible! Creativity is an ability we all have in ourselves in different ways. My creativity is focused in writing. In my years of writing, I’ve picked up on a few ways to improve my writing and creativity.

Nat’s Nook – Writing is all about being creative and, of course, writing. So, I’ve collected tips and ideas on improving writing and encouraging creativity. I also talk about how creativity, writing, and stories help all of us in our lives. Read here to get your creative juices flowing.


I’ve got blogs for everything and every time of year! Each season has different kinds of stories and prompts. They also allow us to think about things differently. All of the seasons and holidays bring new ways to live and create.

According to the time of year, take a look at a post or two to add to the season. Or find a way to create or write along with the holidays and year.


Where you make the rules and pretty much anything goes. These posts cover a variety of topics and how they might apply to a fictional story. From things like world building and character development to prompts for new stories, this is where you go for extra ideas on the elements in your story.

Story Elements

From characters to story structure, this is where you’ll find the important topics on the development of your story. For the idea to novel and editing stages, look here to make sure each element of your story is the best that it can be.


Everyone needs a jump start once in a while to get the creative juices going. I use a variety of types of prompts to help me start writing and thinking about story ideas. Check here for some challenges that will get your brain thinking creatively and get you writing.

All of the prompts are numbered as challenges. While some may spark more interest than others, I think all of them will be helpful. Even what seems like a boring prompt to you, may get your brain working harder and digging deeper into the creative juice.

More About Nat’s Nook-Writing

This is my little corner, my nook, where I share what is important to me – writing! However, since I am a real person with more than one interest, I have another website starting up called Nat’s Nook-Riding where I can share my love for horses.

Nat’s Nook Writing started in 2015 and for a few years I intended it to be a subscription based community of sharing writing tips, prompts, and encouragement. I decided, though, that I didn’t want to have a closed community. My hope is that everyone will share what they find helpful or interesting. All of my content is free to read and share.