Works in Progress

In the writing world, a story you are working on is a WIP. Very few writers will have one at a time. Most will have a focus work in progress, with a number of others in various stages of development. I often set one aside for a while to work on something else. But I love all of my WIPs and want to share a little about a few of them. Titles are hard, so for now, they are just named after the character. If you have ideas of a good title, feel free to share them with me!

Ava’s Story

Ava’s story is about her battle as an unknown princess. Her first day in the world was a series of events that left her, the heir of two kingdoms, in the arms of a faithful bodyguard, homeless, and in hiding. The death of her mother that night would begin a war between the two kingdoms she belongs to, which would carry on as she grew up. 

As a princess, she knew who she was and that she was meant to unite the two kingdoms and bring back peace and strength. But if not even her father or grandfather knows she exists, how is she supposed to do anything? And has she really been prepared for the challenge? Read the first page.

Ava’s Coronation

A short story relating the important event of Ava’s transition into life as royalty and merging her past with her future. Becoming queen is a stark contrast to the majority of her life. But in addition to resolving her inner conflict, she has the task of uniting two kingdoms previously at war.

Cindy’s Story

Cindy’s mother died when she was young, and the death of her father left her with only her stepmother and stepsisters. They actually get along quite nicely, however, in a world where men are king, the fortune her father left them is running out and even changing lifestyles won’t be a good enough solution for long.

Cindy learned glassblowing from her father, and she was good at it when he was there to guide her. She’ll have more challenges to face than just the prejudice of her gender.

This work in progress is clearly a Cinderella rewrite. I have to admit that my feminism may show through in this story. However, the real intent is to show that we are all human with our strengths and weaknesses, and that is okay.