Natalie Nielson, writer of Nat's Nook-Writing

Natalie Nielson grew up reading every spare moment, and even moments when she shouldn’t have been. She struggled with anxiety, self-confidence, and aspirations as a young adult, but found solace in the stories she read. She loved the way stories changed people from the inside out. Her goal is to create an escape into a world that offers strength and insight into life. She does this through her blog as well as her current projects and those to come. Natalie has been writing since she was eight years old and doesn’t intend to stop, she has taken classes and workshops while growing up and has completed a Bachelors Degree in Creative Writing through Southern New Hampshire University.

What I want to Accomplish

I want to connect and share with readers and writers to help us all grow. I created this website to share stories, ideas, successes, tips, and discoveries about writing and a creative life. I hope readers, writers, and other creatives will share their thoughts and ideas with me.