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Hop to it Spring

A week or two ago, I asked my dad when it was time to hibernate, and he told me that I missed it. Rude. Yeah, I was pretty sad. A few days ago I heard birds chirping outside when I woke up, so I guess he was right. I know that it isn’t quite the official first day of spring, but it’s certainly coming.

This is kind of a hard time of the year for me, mostly because I’m bummed out that I didn’t get to hibernate, and then you throw in daylight savings and I’m all kinds of bummed out. I remember in high school it was especially hard because you lose an hour of sleep so you’re tired, and you’re ready for school to be done so you’re mentally tired too.

But it’s also a great time, because flowers will be popping up soon and adding color to the white-washed world, and long, warm days are on the way. I feel like this muddy season is like a hangover from Sad Days, you know that things are getting better, but you’re still caught in the slump.

As much as I wish daylight savings didn’t happen, it is a reminder to “hop to it”, or to get a head start. It reminds me that Spring is also a verb, and that it’s a perfect time to be proactive. So, I’d like to invite you to a spring challenge with me. I guess it could be called “hop to it” since that’s a very spring-like phrase in both the verb and season.

So, for the hop to it challenge, you get to be proactive about doing something good. This means that a 10 a.m. nap does not count, unless you are an infant (directed at me). But getting all of your daily routine stuff done by 11 a.m. totally does. But you can do better than that, next week I’ll be sharing about my March Madness.

For writers, there is an April version of NaNoWriMo called Camp NaNoWriMo that you can try out. If you’re a photographer you can put together a spring portfolio. You can show off your spring cleaning in your house (for some of us that doesn’t really happen). This can really be a challenge to do anything productive. Make a leap (or rather, a big hop) on a goal or life dream. Do a little service project, or show that you aren’t letting winter blahs get the best of you.

When you do it, share it and challenge someone else to it. I always believe that the world needs more good, and I hope this becomes a continuation of what Elder Bednar asked of the members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Sweep the Earth as with a Flood. So #sharegoodness and share your #hoptoitchallenge and be sure to tag me too, cause I want to see what you’re up to! I’m on twitter @NookNats, on facebook @natsnookwriting, and on instagram @natsnookwriting.

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