Lessons for Life

Lunar Lure

I don’t know what it is, but there is something about the moon that is completely enthralling. I’ve always liked looking at the moon. Maybe it’s so interesting because it changes, it goes through a cycle and keeps things interesting. It could be because it offers the most light at night, but is actually only reflecting light.

The moon plays a big role in a variety of scenarios. The full moon might be changing a werewolf into an uncontrollable beast, or lighting the path for a couple’s romantic walk. There are a few other things that are like the moon, the most influential one for me is stories, of course, because stories are like everything. But you may find that school, your passion, a role model, or close friend is like the moon in your life.

The moon represents the good and the bad, with werewolves and romantic walks. There is change in the phases, and consistency in the pattern. Personally, my family is some of my greatest headaches, but also my greatest joys. The relationships I have with each of the members of my family is consistent in that I love them, but changing in how I love them and how close we are.

Just like what you may be thinking of, the moon is captivating but absolutely normal and usual at the same time. We don’t think much about the moon until it reminds us in some way how incredible it is. An eclipse, shining especially bright, or turning red or orange are a few events that catch our attention. But I love when the moon catches my attention on an ordinary night in an ordinary state.

The way the moon relates to stories is that they are so ordinary and have been around for forever. Each story goes through steps of phases until the final phase, and then they often still continue even after one book. Stories are meant for every occasion, there are horror, romance, comedy and any other genre you can imagine. Mood or situation doesn’t put up limits, stories fit in all of them.

My favorite part is that the moon is simply reflecting the light of the sun. Stories reflect life. The deciding factor in what age group a book belongs to, is what life challenges are being addressed. The coming of age stories are for middle grade and young adult. Finding yourself again and mid-life crises are in stories for adults and some young adult. Making friends and sharing are the stories for young readers.

Even eclipses are found in stories. I remember when I was in middle school and high school that there were a few book series that everyone was crazy about. The stories seemed to be more real or more important than life. Characters in books have stolen hundreds of hearts a few times over. And sometimes life can seem just like a story.

But the reflection of life in stories is my favorite part. I believe that we can learn about life by reading. We learn to understand a character and we learn to see how we are making the same mistakes. Characters teach us about ourselves and about how we want to be living our lives. I hope that my stories will be learning tools for life.

Enjoy the moon tonight! and enjoy all the moon-like things in your life. You may be able to make this a prompt as well. I’d love to hear how this might have sparked your imagination!

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