Story Prompt Challenge #13

What better moment to start a new story idea than when imaginations are running wild and children everywhere are transforming into something else? And why not use a prompt that involves some kind of transformation or evolution? This prompt is inspired by Evolution in Fiction, you may want to read it for additional ideas.

Transformational Prompt

Your character takes on some kind of transformation or evolution. This could be a Frankenstein form of stitched-up surgery, or a more sophisticated version like Superman’s injection. Pinocchio had the help of a wishing star fairy for his transformations.

Perhaps the scientific, medical, and magical professionals aren’t involved at all. What may be even more powerful is the transformation a character instigates on their own. The secret sauce may be an entire spew of different things. Determination, an elixir, intense study, or eating a mushroom could be the key to the change.

Types of Transformations

A number of different kinds of changes exist. I remember my middle school science class that addressed how things can change. With either physical or chemical changes I remember learning to recognize permanent or temporary changes in substances. In the case of a prompt, the story may be about a cycle of the physical or temporary changes. Or, the traumatic alterations of chemical or permanent changes.

A physical change in a character may trigger mental and emotional changes. Are they all permanent or temporary? A change in appearance may be temporary such as a wound that will heal, or hair that will grow back. But it may be permanent in new scars or wrinkles or growth. The mental and emotional aspects have both types of changes as well.

Aspects of Story Transformations

While you may not want to write about a werewolf, or other changing character. Keep in mind that all characters will have an evolution or arc to make. Even if the change is simply a different attitude or perspective. But with this aside, there are other aspects of a story to consider transforming.

Rewrites are one way you can use the transformation prompt by taking a well-known story and transform it into something entirely different. By changing the genre, the setting, the perspective, or the character roles, you can create a whole new story.

A genre shift may be another option. By merging two genres, you create a unique perspective on plot. The expected elements of a story may coincide or conflict, and the result may be a transformation into a new genre.

What if the story is about a transformation in the world? The end of the world or a societal transformation may be taking place. The story may even be a coming-of-age story.

What transformation do you have in your story? What other aspects may be transformed in a story?

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