2 thoughts on “What to Do When you Don’t Feel like Writing”

  1. Love these ideas! I have used all of them in the past to get motivated. One of my best ways I get to writing is setting a time to write with another person. Just having some one next to me with the same goal is incredibly motivating. Plus it’s a way to use social pressure to my advantage lol.

    Also when I’m by myself and I really don’t want to write, I set a timer for 20 minutes to write. It’s an achievable goal and usually I’ll hit my writing flow and start enjoying writing after 10 minutes and write past the 20 minutes. But if I’m struggling the whole time I will stop writing at the 20 minutes mark, but still feel accomplished because writing for 20 minutes when I absolutely didn’t want to is a win!

  2. Ditto to all of the above. Another thing I do is read something I’ve written before that I’ve loved. Particularly if it is a scene from the same book I’m currently writing. Sometimes that’s enough to get me excited to dive back in. If it doesn’t–or worse I hate it and think it’s crap (when before I loved it)– it’s a tip off that I shouldn’t be writing because my mindset is way off.

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