Story Elements

A story is a puzzle with hundreds of different parts that eventually have to fit together perfectly. With a handful of characters, as well as complications in the plot, it is sometimes difficult to polish every piece in an equal and complimentary manner. Look at certain elements of a story that you want to improve. Or check out how your story stands up to each of the different elements.


Sidekicks are found everywhere. That superstar friend turns out to be a lot more essential than anyone gives credit.

For centuries people have been using stars to find direction and inspiration in their lives. Some people act as a bright star in the lives of others.

Our mothers, even with flaws, are incredible! And we should remember that.

The world is full of crazies, foreigners, and people with different challenges. Most of them are still good people. Diversity is what makes them incredible.

Good characters make a good story. Using the lovable characteristics of my nephew, I point out essential parts of character development.

In our heads, princesses have specific qualities. But aren’t there exceptions for all of them? What princesses are in your life? What princesses do you write about?

What is the fine line that separates you from becoming a villain? Every villain is an incredibly important part of the story, and has their own story.

Prejudice is a real problem in the world. Stories may offer part of the solution.

The continuous debate of plot vs character is less of a debate and more of the balance of moving a story forward.

Say what? Dialogue is important and writing it well is what makes it work. Learn the rules of writing dialogue and then quote away!

The backstory is the part that isn’t included in the story. But for the writer, it adds depth and additional ideas.

Feminism has tried to define a strong female character, but maybe the strong female characters should be what redefines feminism.


I struggle with making gravy, but it has helped me with writing and story building. How are stories like gravy?

Themes may bring bad memories from literary theory classes. However, learn how the theme is the most powerful part of your story.

What makes a story is the ability it has to relate to the reader. The power you get from a story is how you are able to relate it to yourself.

Romance is a genre, a story element, and an emotional beat. Find out how to include romance in your story to improve your writing.

Emotions are essential in Stories. The reader, the characters, and the writer should all be experiencing a variety of emotions.

Planning and Developing

Story mapping is a different way you can plan out a story. It helps in starting with the basics and expanding it out and developing the story.

I am a huge advocate for planning, but I do acknowledge that spontaneity is important as well. I see planning as having a destination.

Moments or Beats

Beginning a story is difficult, but here are three things to include in the beginning. Plus a few more helps in getting started.

Everyone experiences a rough year at some point. However, that is no reason to not rise up like a hero fighting for a happily ever after.

A single altering choice may be what brings about an entire story. Fiction, as well as real life, is dependent on these single moments.

There have been so many moments in my life when I have found myself scared to death and excited at the same time.

Do you remember when there was a monster under your bed? It was nocturnal so you only had to worry about it at night . . .

We’re in the middle fo the winter season which means a few things. We’ve dealt with the cold and want spring, and that we may be experiencing some sad days.

Creating a satisfying story by understanding the writing tool of foreshadowing. A skill that completes and satisfies writing and habits.

Characters in a story have a deep and dark place in their story arcs. We have them in our lives as well. Do you know yours, or better – the solution?

World Building

History and culture are what makes a country. In developing patriotism or creating a country, nation, or world, come to understand the culture and history of your world.

World building can be beautifying your spot on earth, or creating a new universe. Celebrate Earth Day in the best way for you, and appreciate our world.

Cinco de Mayo is an interesting day culturally. Growing up I thought it was Mexico’s Independence Day. But turns out that it’s and American-made holiday.

Governments and politics are very much a part of the real world. But they greatly impact fiction as well. Read how you can strengthen your story politically.


Contrast is taking two complete opposites and putting them together to accentuate the differences. The complementing is good in life, and in writing.

Reaching a quarter of a century is an experience. I now see how life is a process of flipping quarters.

A sub-genre of fiction that allows us to better understand the problems in society find solutions through the cultural genre stories.

Fantastic Elements

Magic is awesome, but with gaps in the system, it weakens the story. Learn the elements of writing a magic system and how to make it strengthen the story.