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Story Prompt Challenge #1

Okay, I am putting out a challenge and if I can meet it, then so can you. The challenge is taking the following prompt and coming up with a story idea by the end of the year. It’s Christmas vacation, and I know everyone is busy with spending time with family and being ready for Christmas and the new year, but this is worth it, I promise. Bonus points if your story captures the Christmas spirit.

The prompt is: A winter tradition I never thought I’d have . . .

This can be the opening line, a theme, or a line of dialogue. What is it to you? To complete this challenge you comment what your story is about. Include the character, the tradition and the main obstacle in the story.

For any of you that aren’t really into writing or making stuff up, you can tell a true story about yourself or someone you know. Stories are pretty magical, made up or not, and it’s important for us to share them.

I will be commenting my story idea by New Years Eve and will post the story when I have it ready. I look forward to hearing yours!

3 thoughts on “Story Prompt Challenge #1”

  1. And did it!! The story I wrote off the prompt was short, but it was great to stretch both my finger muscles and creative muscles this holiday season!! And it was surprisingly enough I liked what I got down on paper. There’s still 3 days left in the year! Y’all can finish this prompt too!!

  2. Okay, so I promised to post my idea before new years, and so here it is: A winter tradition I never thought I’d have is a hospital visit. The character is in her mid 20s and suddenly realizes that she has found herself in a hospital almost every year sometime during the winter months. At first it’s a strange thought, but then it becomes a paranoia.

    I’m still looking forward to hearing your ideas. You don’t have to have the story all written out, but see if you can come up with the idea. If you don’t like it you can always change it, but you gotta at least take the first step.

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