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There are times when reality is a bit more of a burden than we’d like it to be and life just seems to keep going whether we are keeping up or not. Everyone has times like this so don’t try pretending that you don’t. The cure is regaining perspective, seeing what is really important in life and what you can do regardless of reality. We know the answer, but reaching it becomes a bit more of a challenge. Of course going on a vacation to some new exotic place might help, but that doesn’t always fit well into reality.

Living in a little valley, I have had the opportunity to escape a few times up the mountains early this fall. Seeing the view of and from the mountains is awe-inspiring and definitely helps me gain perspective. But what about when we don’t have that window of time or the gap in responsibility to run away?


In his book Zen in the Art of Writing, Ray Bradbury says this: “We need our Arts to teach us how to breathe” In a way gaining perspective is taking the time to breathe. When you escape into the mountains or some exotic location you take the time to just breathe and see the beautiful scenery that’s around you. Nature and the sights in the world are some of the most breath taking forms of art. But there are more.

Think of your favorite artist or artwork, what do you really like about it? Isn’t it what it makes you think? The way your perspective is shifted? Your favorite book or author, does it change the way you see life? Maybe you prefer music, or some other medium of art. All of it alters your perspective. Of course the way it changes your perspective may not always be in a good way, so we do have to be aware of the art we allow in our lives.

However, sometimes it isn’t quite enough. We are all creators, whether you agree right now or not, it’s still true. You are a creator, an artist. I used to always think that art meant drawings and pictures and that was the limit, but art goes way beyond. There is music, books, architecture, sewing, all types of design, and so much more that is art. Cooking, raising kids, and even laundry can be an art if you want it to be.

My mom does canning, I really think it’s one of her hobbies because she cans all the time, even when our garden has been harvested and everything already taken care of and then she finds something else to can. But she loves looking in our storage room and seeing the shelves of filled jars. She has taught me some, and my jars of plum jelly are the most beautiful color I’ve ever seen.

What makes something art is when you look at it and see the beauty of it. When you enjoy the process and the results then you find art in the good you do. If you have ever been around kids then you know that seeing more than one playing together, all happily, is a beautiful sight. That is art it takes talent to organize good out of chaos.

If you are like me and always wears jeans because that’s what goes with every shirt fancy or casual, then you will understand the talent it takes to be like my little sister who can take almost anything and make it an outfit that I never thought was possible.

Learning a language is an art and you will know that if you’ve ever tried. Keeping your room clean is art, money management, gardening, decorating and so many other things. Even if you aren’t good at one of these things you are an artist in something, and if you don’t think so you need a change of perspective. Even still, you can learn types of art.

Watch this video clip about what to do when life keeps happening without you. And if you’re interested in Neil Gaiman’s full address go to this video. Both are great!

Regardless of anything that is happening, find the peace in regaining perspective. Realize that what is most important is the good that you bring into the world. And that is art. You create so much beautiful art and you create the perspective you need.

Comment about the art you are creating or someone else’s. Let people know that you recognize their art and you want them to continue creating. But remember to continue creating your artistic perspective as well.

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