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Story Prompt Challenge #2

All right, it’s spring! . . . Sometimes, in most places . . . but whether you’re having sunny weather or the sky is deciding to dump more white stuff on you, it’s time for another season writing prompt!

This prompt is The Transition from Winter Blahs. So it could be a story about someone doing their spring cleaning, someone moving from Alaska, maybe escaping from a dark life and starting a new beginning, or just someone finding the sunshine through the snowstorm.

Take the prompt and make a story out of it, true or not, it doesn’t matter, it can even be an essay rather than a story. We all have something to say that needs to be shared.

So comment with your story idea, include the character, challenge and at least a hint of how the transition is made. The challenge for now is just getting the idea and putting it down, the bonus challenge is to finish a draft or two (or more if you really want to polish it up) and then share it!

So I’ll comment with my idea by March 7th and I’ll post the story when I get it down. I look forward to hearing your ideas!

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