Life Lessons

The world is full of millions of things to learn, and sometimes I like to talk about what I have learned. Since stories are almost the only way I understand anything, almost every life lesson relates to stories or writing them. But since the essence of life is story, a lot of the lessons are stories from life.

We have real-life experiences that have major impact on our lives. Use these to fuel your writing, others may need those stories as well.

An old story is never boring, but material to learn from and build a new story. This part of the year I think a lot about the stories that got me here . . .

We have needs that need to be met, and sometimes can’t find the resources. But everything we need is already there.

We have a few opportunities to learn things from the calendar. Including a few marked days to learn more about other cultures.

Resolutions are the goals we set every year. I happen to feel like thinking about the specific words used for the goal increase our success.

All of us need to practice gratitude. Even characters need a moment of thanksgiving or recognition to complete a story and arc progression.

What makes a story is the ability it has to relate to the reader. The power you get from a story is how you are able to relate it to yourself.

Memorial Day is when we take time to remember the people who have died and what they have done for us. The best memorial is what we do from now on.

Grown up is an undefined state, which heavily involves life goals and dreams. Growing at different paces, we are all trying to grow up to be something better than what we are.

The world is full of crazies, foreigners, and people with different challenges. Most of them are still good people. Diversity is what makes them incredible!

Reaching a quarter of a century is an experience. I now see how life is a process of flipping quarters, but I get to influence the side it lands on.

We know the story of the ugly duckling. There are plenty of ducklings in life. Learn early to see the value and potential in the ducklings.

Idealism is hoping for or believing the best, even if it isn’t realistic. With idealism as a strength and weakness, hopefully I can make the best of it. . .

I happened to be thinking about a song from a Disney movie that I think is very inspiring and energizing. I started wondering what about it made it . . .

Pintrest fails are a thing, but they aren’t permanent. With most things in life, we have a chance to try again.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter! I realize that not everyone is religious, but I want to take a moment to share that I know Jesus Christ lives!

One of my favorite things to do is ride horses. I was one of those little girls that loved horses and always wanted one. I just never grew out of that.

Prejudice is a real problem in the world. Stories may offer part of the solution in helping us learn that all lives matter.

Spring is time for a new start, so regardless of the lost hour of sleep, be proactive and meet the challenge!

Conferences are always a fun experience. But the real challenge is putting all those notes to use.

When I first started writing stories I would have characters go on one adventure and event after another. But they never really went anywhere.

Since the days of the cavemen, this magic has existed, and it will continue to exist until the end of everything. Even then, it may still carry on . . .

We all have things that we obsess over, that tickle our fancy, captivate, and enthrall us.

The new year seems to be one of the most exciting times of the year because everyone is geared up to work on their new year resolutions.

Although Thanksgiving has passed, it doesn’t mean it’s over. One of the times we can be the most grateful is during Christmas time.

Dia de los Muertos is celebrated October 31st through November 2nd. But I think it’s still relevant going into Thanksgiving season.

A while ago my mom told me she had a nightmare, so I listened, waiting for the part where the tiger comes after her or where she’s being chased . . .

One of my favorite things about Halloween, besides the good candy, is that you get to dress up to be whatever you want to be.

There have been so many moments in my life when I have found myself scared to death and excited at the same time.

I have an uncle that deals with ongoing back pain, he refers to ibuprofen as vitamin I because it is as much of a daily supplement as an other vitamin.

Writing is strongly related to fear and failure. The good part is that we can learn how it strengthens and improves creations.

Gardening skills apply directly to writing skills. Weeding is a process that you can’t do all at once. Editing is the same way.

The world is unpredictable, especially now. But maybe our creativity in these unusual times will bring even more unusual rewards.

The most important skill for any writer is reading. All reading is important, but there are a number of ways to be reading to write better.

Happy first day of fall! There are a few cool things that happen on the fall equinox . . .

My little sister decided one year to grow grapes in our yard. But after she had accidentally over fertilized, she assumed the plant was dead beyond revival.

For centuries people have been using stars to find direction and inspiration in their lives.

When I played on the high school soccer team, our couch would often remind us to look up.

When I was younger, my mom was teaching me how to sew and I often wouldn’t trust the directions she gave me.

The irony of this blog post is that I wanted to have it up before the New Year, but as you may notice, I am very skilled in this art of procrastination.

Do you remember when there was a monster under your bed? It was a nocturnal monster, so you only had to worry about it at night.

There are times when reality is a bit more of a burden than we’d like it to be and life just seems to keep going, whether we are keeping up or not.

Have you had a hobby that you’ve always wanted to lear or do more? We often conclude that we don’t have time to do the things we’d like to do, but is that true?

There are rules for everything, driving, school, house rules, laws, etc. Anywhere you look there are going to be rules in come form. However, these rules may be what allows you to sing.

We tell stories all the time, but not everyone dan do it well. Find out what the basic parts of a story are and how to use them in your storytelling.

Everyone experiences a rough year at some point. However, that is no reason to not rise up like a hero fighting for a happily ever after.

A sub-genre of fiction that allows us to better understand the problems in society find solutions through the cultural genre stories.

Sidekicks are found everywhere. That superstar friend turns out to be a lot more essential than anyone gives credit.

Feminism has tried to define a strong female character, but maybe the strong female characters should be what redefines feminism.

I am going to be completely honest, I’m not a fan of math at all. but I did enjoy learning this principle, and I think you will too.