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Fall Equinox

Happy first day of fall! So there are a few cool things that happen on the fall equinox. The sun is in line with the equator of the earth and we have an equal amount of light and dark for the day. So the daylight is getting shorter from here on out and the weather is getting cooler. So the dark cold days of winter are coming, however, the beautiful season of fall is here right now.

I’ve always felt like fall represents change more than any other season. I know that spring brings lots of changes, new life after winter etc. But for some reason fall has resonated more to me. Maybe because rather than a brand new life, it’s life that’s been around all summer that is changing to a beautiful and happy state. Green trees look awesome, but when the leaves change it becomes breathtaking. The change that takes place in nature isn’t about death, it’s about vibrant colors regardless of impending doom. I feel like the trees are happy about the summer they had and they want to shout for joy to declare the wonderful life, and they’re ready for change with a positive attitude.

At this very moment, when you take the time to be still for a little bit, you are neutral. Just like an equinox you are smack in the middle of everything and you have just as much potential to go one way or another, shorter days or shorter nights. But since the earth’s orbit and rotation is bringing shorter days, I hope you choose to use celebrate regardless of coming cold and darkness. Be like the trees and declare with vibrant colors that you still have a good life. Then make your colors change to be the color you want them to be. Make some changes that will keep you motivated and happy, even with five extra layers of clothing.

The vibrant colors I’m hoping to put on is actually routinely exercising in some form so I have the energy to be a human all winter rather than a grumpy hibernating bear. As well as actively working on goals, so less Netflix and word puzzles for me. I’ve got a good life, and I can enjoy it as much as I enjoy the leaves changing color. Good luck to you and your vibrant changes to bring in a wonderful fall full of pumpkin spice and everything nice!

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