When Imaginations Go Wild

For the longest time I’ve believed that a blank white page is the best way to trigger creativity and start a new project. However, now I believe differently. Fall has a magic that sparks the imagination, and I would like to argue that now is when creativity and imaginations abound! My imagination is most active at night in the dark. I imagine every possible monster or creature that could possibly be waiting for me to come close enough to snatch up.

In the Dark

Darkness triggers my creativity. And this time of year, when the days go dark sooner but the weather is still somewhat pleasant is when my imagination seems to go wild. In a previous post I talked about the two words that generate creativity; What If. Having that question and potential is just like darkness, the suspense encourages possibilities.

Try going outside at dusk and imagine yourself as a character in a story. Look around, what is about to happen to you as a character? What potential problems do you see? What are the emotions and ideas that come to you?

Change of Scenery

Leaves changing color offer a new backdrop, and hint at a magic force that brings possibilities. Combined with the beginning of three months of holiday decorations, provides a plethora of creative exhibits to see.

Activities to try may be going for a drive or finding some new location to sit and people-watch. Another option is googling images related to a key word for a story idea.

New Phase of Activities

While the end of the harvest season may not mean anything to some, to everyone the fall still has a new variety of activities. With changes in temperature, outdoor activities are limited, and some chores are no longer necessary. This means more time to think and create.

No matter what new chores or events may be going on, the changes in routine is a perfect avenue for new ideas, sparking imagination, and developing creativity. Take advantage of this wonderful season and let your imagination go wild. Make it part of your routine to create and develop new ideas. Try something new or differently than you’ve done before.

Happy Fall!

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