Drastic Story (prompt #3)

The treat was here somewhere, and Grogle was going to find it. Standing on his back four legs, with the front two prodding around, trying to sense disturbances, and the other two poking into buildings. The first few days were easy, Grogle only had to reach the outskirts of the city to find things running around to eat. But now, they were sparse, either hiding or already fled.

They had tried to fight of course, the silly humans thinking they had to stay and protect their homes, as if they couldn’t make another just as easily. But Grogle’s exoskeleton was thicker than their flimsy walls, so they couldn’t do much damage before he got to them.

There, a shift in the air and some in a little bit of webbing as well, in his lower, right eyes Grogle saw two little fleeing humans. Leaning on his front legs, he took some silk with his back legs and easily caught the two treats with the sticky substance. He noticed that one had a blue dress, and long yellow fuzz, a girl they were called, those ones were a bit sweeter. Once they were safely bundled up in the silky cocoon, Grogle could drag them to his most recent home. The web was starting to gather dust though, so it was almost time to move again. After biting the cocoons with a good dose of venom, Grogle let them sit till they were the perfect consistency while considering where next to make his new home.

With a full belly, Grogle decided to set off for a new location. The sweeter part of his treat had left a little tingle on its way down but walking it off should fix it. With the city relatively deserted, Grogle continued his walk without paying too much attention about what was around him. One leg slipped into a hole, Grogle normally would’ve ignored it, one of eight legs didn’t bother his balance much, but he allowed his curiosity to draw him to inspect it. It looked like it might be a cave, perhaps the home of a bear, it’d make a good hearty meal for later. Grogle dug a little, feebly with his large legs and began to prod down the hole. He managed to fit two legs down and poking them around allowed the opening to widen, soon Grogle found himself creeping through a tunnel that shouldn’t have been big enough but seemed to widen just for him.

There wasn’t a bear, but a continuous tunnel, Grogle realized it would be difficult to back out and continued through, hoping for an opening big enough to turn around in. Instead, there was a pinpoint of light which grew as he approached. Emerging from the tunnel, Grogle was relieved to stretch his legs, but his relief disappeared when he began to look around. The trees were taller than him, completely green, and flat. They were everywhere he looked and blocked the view he was used to having. The claustrophobia from the tunnel returned and Grogle quickly climbed up the flimsy blades around him. The same spiny plants surrounded him as far as he could see with other, more leafy ones, scattered around. A huge trunk caught Grogle’s eight eyes before him, he followed it up to see an enormous, white top, what might’ve been leaves were huge, long, wide ones, all stemming from the trunk.

Grogle decided to use the giant plant for his new home, he spun an artful web, connecting the plants around him, then he hid under the white umbrella atop his new home. He waited and watched, unsure what to make of the new land he found. In the distance he saw what looked like a human, but it was too big. It was one of the girl ones, and it kept coming closer and as it got closer it was bigger. Grogle never feared humans before, he knew they could be strong and creative, but they were never a match for him. Grogle lifted his back legs and rubbed them together, warning the giant human girl. But it didn’t seem to notice, he was too much smaller for it to see. Grogle dropped down to the ground and started looking for the bear hole he had come through, but it wasn’t there anymore, and the girl was getting closer.

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