I have a wonderful mom and amazing grandmothers that I was grateful to celebrate this last weekend. I am also lucky enough to have other women in my life that have a huge impact on me. The celebration of mothers is a time when I tend to think more about the role of women in our lives and stories.

Among other societal issues, womanhood is defended in feminism, though, sometimes so extremely that it almost defeats the purpose. I think I would be considered a feminist, but I don’t believe in all of the statements of feminism. An entire spectrum of types of women exist in our lives, and they all teach us about womanhood.

What is a Mother

I don’t have any children, but I have a good handful that I would love to claim. The definition of a mother includes the genetic relationship of a woman to her child, as well as a verb form found in the dictionary on google. To “bring up with care and affection”.

In my family I have the nick name of “momma 2”, because I am the favorite aunt to my niece and nephew, and because I boss around my little brothers as if I were their mother. I’ve also been known to tell my mom to clean up her mess. So, I guess it’s not just about giving birth to a child.

A fun fact about women is that they have all of their potential posterity inside of them from the day they are born. This makes all women, even young girls, mothers, in addition to the instinctual tendencies that are a part of women.

Differing Mothers

Everyone has an idea of a perfect mother, amid working moms, single moms, stay-at-home moms, and others, they are all different. With different belief systems, different characteristics are valued more for motherhood. That doesn’t make the other characteristics wrong.

My mom has always worked part time, since I can remember. She teaches piano from home, but during those hour blocks she isn’t fully available to her kids at home. Emergencies are addressed, of course, such as a bleeding head or a starving child needing direction on an appropriate snack. She has felt some guilt, thinking maybe she had neglected us, but I am grateful for her being herself.

By teaching piano, my mom has taught me to choose things that are worth the time. Playing the piano is something that will always be beneficial. I also learned to keep pursuing what is important to me and what I enjoy. My mom teaches me all kinds of things with all of her favorite activities.

I have one grandma that teaches me about being healthy. She’s studied up on nutrition and has taught me a lot about a heart-healthy diet, just by her example. I also know that she has an incredible love for family, she keeps up-to-date with all of her children and grandchildren, and is always working on linking and learning our genealogy.

My other grandma is certainly not the kind that will make you cookies. Instead, she taught me about making things happen, being proactive. She kept herself busy with countless projects and often allowed me to help. Making stain glass windows, broken tile patterns on counters and shower walls, and she even built her own breezeway.

The Impact of Mothers

What I find most fascinating about mothers is that they have an immense amount of influence and don’t know the depth of it. With all of the unique differences, we learn specific things from the women in our lives. Usually, this happens when we just observe who they are and what they do because of who they are.

So, if you’re looking for a prompt for writing a story or any other art form, use a mother. Either write a story about a mother, or create a character that is a mother. Make her truly unique, because that’s how they all are, and show why it’s a good thing.

Your art form in following this prompt may be in observing your own mother. Find what makes her different and why she is the perfect one to be your mother. The wonderfully imperfect woman is characterized to teach and influence in specific ways. Don’t stop showing your love and thanks to her, just because Mother’s Day is over.

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