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Pintrest Persistence

We’ve all seen fun things we want to try on Pintrest, and we’ve all seen, and likely experienced, Pintrest fails. Pictured is one of my own in which I attempted filled cupcakes. The up side to this experience is that they got a little better as I made a few little changes in baking the rest of the batter. In the end the cupcakes didn’t look as good as the picture, but they still tasted pretty dang good.

Another experience I’m going to share is with a process called sugaring, which is basically a natural homemade hair removal wax. I saw it on a facebook video and decided I could try it, and hopefully not have to shave for at least a month. The result was a big sticky mess, but it didn’t smell bad, so that was a plus. I finally read a blog or two about the proportions and how long to cook it and it finally worked out. I haven’t decided yet if it’s really worth it, cause it is a bit tedious, but I did figure out how to make it work.

There is a show on Netflix called Nailed It, based on the loveliness of pintrest fails. It’s the baking part of attempting what someone else has done. From watching it with my nephew last summer, I was entertained, but also very much aware that experience makes a big difference. While each of the contestants were given the recipes and directions for each baked creation, the term “nailed it” was used very loosely.

The Persistence Part

I don’t really hope to ever be a professional baker. With a few practice batches, however, I do think I’ll be able to make cupcakes to please kids at a birthday party. I’ve found that I’ll make time to get good at what is important to me. I’ve written more about that in Learning Hobbies, basically what we spend our time on is what we value.

In addition to having the interest and putting in the time, you have to have some faith. I love fantasy and stories so, therefore, I also like pretending. In the fall I wrote about how pretending is a good thing, you can read about that here. Believing that you can succeed at something is really half the battle. After that, it just takes time.

Quotes that we’ve all heard, encourage us to be persistent. “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” -Thomas H. Palmer. One of my favorite is a reminder that I see on those fancy facebook posts periodically, saying that even the experts began as novices.

Really the difference between a fail and a success is persistence. You don’t know about the books that stopped being written. Writers become authors by continuing to write. Any of the works of art on pintrest was created by persistence. Don’t give up on something you want to accomplish after the first try. Don’t be afraid to share your pintrest fail and follow it up with your pintrest persistence.

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