Story Prompt Challenge #6

Colors of the Wind

Colors of the Wind is a song from the Disney movie Pocahontas. While this instantly brings up childhood memories and all the lyrics, hearing the song makes me try to understand what the song really means. The song is fun and memorable, and perfect for singing on a hike through the woods, but I generally don’t think about the message being communicated.

When I put the song in the context of the movie, it’s about learning and observing. Pocahontas realizes that she doesn’t know about other worlds and their technologies, but she points out that she knows a lot about her home. The character John Smith is humbled and comes to realize that there is plenty more for him to learn and understand about this new land.


Coming to better understand something is a skill to develop for writing. There is plenty of research to take place, for both fiction and non-fiction, in order to be able to write a story or book. You have to be very familiar with the wind in order to use the colors from it to paint. A creation has to come from a strong understanding.

Relaying the message also provides the required understanding for the audience. As John Smith came to learn from the understanding of Pocahontas. In writing we have the ability to convey a message and help others better understand. Usually it won’t be as to-the-point as a blog, but a story can carry a message without being obvious. Pocahontas never told what colors are in the wind, but she successfully conveyed that John Smith was ignorant and that it may be his people that are savages.


So the writing prompt is in two parts, first to study and better understand something. The second part is to write or create a work that conveys better understanding in something. This is actually called a theme, the message that a story delivers. Try a variety of ways to deliver the message without just making a statement. It may include illustrating with conceptual or visual ideas such as painting with the colors of the wind.

Good luck and have fun! As always, I’d love to hear about what you come up with.

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