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Pretty Princesses

I love writing fantasy and fairy-tale types of stories! Something that goes along with that is princesses. Especially with fairytales, the princess can be the heroine or the love interest, though the princess is quite often the main character and heroine of the story. The target audience with these stories are generally younger girls. I feel like these kinds of stories are incredibly important for women in society.

What Makes Them Pretty?

There are plenty of classic princesses that have exhibited traditional feminine qualities, such as Cinderella, Belle, and Ariel. These Disney characters have made an impact on many generations. They each have their own stories with unique characteristics and every girl and woman can find a princess they relate to. Some of my favorites have been the newer ones, Merida, Moana, Tiana, and others that have further characterized differences in appearance and personalities.

Each and every one of the princesses that have been characterized by Disney have been pretty, unique, and admirable in their own ways. There is no reason why a princess has to have any certain characteristics. Cinderella is incredibly patient and kind while Merida is strong and persistent. Tiana works hard while Aurora trusts those around her.

Finding Regular Princesses

The only difference between a regular girl and a Princess is the fame. Regular princesses are all around you! I’m lucky to have some little ones in my life and to have associated with many others that are older than me. I believe in unique and real princesses. I choose to see them in every girl and woman I meet, and I choose to write characters that are princesses in their own individual ways.

Appearance is always relative, so being pretty doesn’t make a princess, and Fiona is literally an ogre. Personality traits defer too much among princesses, as well as talents. The lineage and maybe responsibility are the only technical factors. However, Cinderella and Tiana became princesses by marriage. When you create your princess character, allow the character to just happen to be or become a princess.

Know that each girl and woman in your life is nothing less than a princess. The same goes for men and boys, they could just as easily be a prince. With correct treatment and responsibility, each person in your life could become royalty in their own right. Even yourself.

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