Story Prompt Challenge #8

Writers write, and any writing will improve skills. I personally prefer fantasy over most all genres, however, I’ve learned a lot from other genres and sub-genres. This prompt was introduced last week and based off the post Real Stories. With every life experience, there is a mini (or full) story.

A perfect example is found in my bright and bubbly little sister. Even asking her a yes-or-no question will result in her telling a story. All of the events and decisions that lead up to her final decision are included. This drives my brother crazy, and makes me roll my eyes, but we still love her for it.

The Real Deal Prompt

This prompt includes taking any experience, thought, decision, or memory and writing it down. It can be based on something that happened to you, something you heard about, or a current event. Write a summary or every detail you think of. Then, you can build on it from there.

This prompt is an exercise in development, as well as just a way to get writing. Examine the summary you have and pick out what the theme or moral of the story is, pick out the main point. Play around with different ways to portray the story. What point of view would be best to deliver the main point? Do you want to convert it into a fiction story or a poem? Or will it be more powerful remaining as a nonfiction?

Next, you revise and rewrite the story in the way that you feel best supports the idea. A prompt doesn’t determine what you write, but provides a beginning. So, take the prompted story and make it into your own. Make it the most powerful and influential version of the real experience. Good luck and, as always, I’d love to hear about what you write!

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