Leap Year

Traditions, legends, holidays, a whole myriad of things that are celebrated, but who has any idea why? I’ve looked up some origins of holidays. But sometimes it’s fun to speculate about them first. This year, we get an extra day – my sister gets a birthday – and we get to wonder where the idea came from.

I’m sure that it has something to do with keeping in sync with the lunar cycle or seasons. But I also wonder what traditions might be tied to the leap year. There is a movie called Leap Year about a girl planning to follow an Irish tradition of the woman proposing. I’m not sure if the tradition is a real one, but it’s a fun idea that turned into a movie!

Idea Potions

Things like this are great sources for ideas that you can add to your potions. When you’ve got a good collection of ideas, you can create a great story – Magic! So, what does this add to your potions collection? What reason can you come up with for leap year? I believe that we have strange traditions, legends and random events just so that we can gain ideas and spark our imagination.

I bet that on the 29th of February, it’s a day to write, but even more, its a day for world-building. Only on leap year day, just every four years, can you create a world for a story and that world will really come into existence. Then, on the next leap year, you can actually transport to that world created four years earlier!

Once you’ve started the world on the 29th, you have four years to write the stories. The stories will change and evolve the world into a place ready for you to visit. So, don’t let this opportunity pass you by! When the 29th comes up, will you be creating a world?

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