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Unusual Rewards

This last weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to listen to counsel from prophets of God! President Russell M Nelson, the leader of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, said something that really stood out to me. “Unusual times can bring unusual rewards.” He was referring to the recent events in the world, and how success is still possible.

Unusual Times

A global pandemic, civil unrest, and economic disaster are only some of the unusual current situations. While most are out of lock down and some aspects of life are becoming normal again, there are other things that may not ever be the same again. Even as we’ve learned to adjust to changes, fears and anxieties are still there.

The one constant thing in the world is change. As a result, we will always face unusual things in our lives. When it comes to our creative pursuits, the abnormal situations tend to take priority. Whether we are putting out literal or figurative fires, or just out of sync, creating becomes difficult.

Creative Creativity

The solution is to become creative with our creativity. My mother is the master at this. She takes every opportunity and finds every solution. As an incredible seamstress, I have seen her fix clothes or make patterns that were otherwise a lost cause. Even in the midst of a pandemic and losing hours at her work, she utilized the opportunity. With her extra time, she remodeled portions of the house.

I imagine that i get a good portion of my creativity from my mother. I don’t have the spectrum of skills that she has, or the ability to find solutions. However, I have learned from her the importance of patience and diligence in creating. The determination my mother has, in knowing that there is some way that she can do something, allows her to find unusual solutions, in her creative way.

Creative Rewards

Creativity in unusual times is difficult, but on the other hand is actually easier. While our creative routine may be out of sync and extra emotions may be distracting, we actually have more material. I have talked before about Neil Gaiman’s address in making good art. The essence is that you turn everything into art. Using current events as prompts.

New routines may be needed to continue creating. Spending a moment to write or express the current emotions may help in coping as well as transition into writing. Finding friends to create with virtually may have more rewards than just socializing and creating.

Creating in these hectic times, I think, is healthy for us and others. If we are able to create something good regardless of a crappy situations, isn’t that inspiring and uplifting to others? The unusual rewards may be in our influences, in what we are able to create, or something else entirely.

Comment below with how you are able to exercise creativity in unusual times.

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