Story Prompt Challenge # 9

Happy Doomsday!

The whole world is experiencing quite the event right now. The corona virus has been declared a global pandemic. Just yesterday, here in Utah, most events have been cancelled or postponed while any other meetings have been restricted. If people weren’t already paranoid, we get a Friday the 13th!

If doomsday were to happen soon, today would probably be a good day for it. I don’t want to be too casual about the situation. I know that a lot have suffered and that still more are very concerned. However, I do believe in making the most of every situation.

I definately support the suggestions of washing hands frequently, keeping your germs to yourself, and avoiding contact with a lot of people. But aside from that, I don’t think there’s a whole lot more to do other than carry on with life. And to be creative!

This morning was dark and gloomy, even raining, and colder than it has been. To me, it really seemed like it could be doomsday. I even had a thought that maybe the zombie apocalypse isn’t too far off of an idea. Not in dead people eating us. But the idea of a sickness slowly picking all of us off, one by one. (I don’t really think that will be the case with the corona virus).

I have always felt that the good and bad experiences in our lives contribute to what we accomplish. We have to shape things into something that strengthens us. I talk more about this in a blog from a while ago, Creating Perspective. In this blog, there is a link to an address by Neil Gaiman about making good art. That’s what this prompt is about, in the midst of our global crisis, make good art.

So, this is the prompt: what would/will doomsday look like in the near future?

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