Story Prompt Challenge #14

Christmas time is here and this year we need extra hope and Christmas spirit than ever before! This prompt challenge is a Christmas Prompt based off of my blog from last week. In that blog I talked about what made a Christmas story. The requirements are not about the birth of a baby or even winter or Christmas day. Though, those are wonderful stories! What makes a Christmas story is the spirit it brings, the hope and joy it inspires.

One of my best friends has been doing a happiness challenge and sharing something positive on social media every day. To me, that is a Christmas story. It reminds us that there is still good in the world. If the rest of the world is anything like the U.S. right now, then we all need some goodness shared. Two of my favorite social media movements are #sharegoodness and #givethanks because these are about having the spirit of Christmas at any time of the year.

Christmas Prompt

The challenge for this prompt is to write a Christmas story. But the definition of this does not necessarily have to include the holiday in December. Just write a story that shares hope and joy with a little bit of magic or a miracle. This may be fictional with fairies and dragons, or any sort of fantastic elements. It could be a true event that has recently happened to you or someone you know.

The challenge of this, is being able to tell the story in such a way that the hope and joy is felt by the reader. When a story is told well, the reader or listener is able to feel the emotions of the character. This is the goal of Christmas stories, to spread the hope and joy of the season. So, once you know the events of the story, consider developing it to make it the most impactful.

Story Challenge

A number of methods are used to pull the reader into the story. One is developing a relatable character, so the audience feels like they could almost be the character in the story. The development of the story is important, there is a progression in the events, as well as a progression in the writing. Be sure that each event and portion of the story builds on the last and takes the reader to the ending destination and emotion.

Another method to consider utilizing is contrast, showing the lack of hope and goodness and ending the story with the revealed hope and goodness. Foreshadowing is another writing tool that helps the reader know the ending before they have gotten there yet. Countless tools and methods exist to help in crafting an incredible story. There will never be a shortage in options.

Story of Hope

To finish this challenge invitation, I would like to share what brings me the most hope. Regardless of everything that goes on in the world, the negativity, racism, riots, illness, and everything else, we can still have hope. We have the ability to still see good and to share that. I am able to write and share a story that have some influence on someone else. Regardless of the choices of everyone else, I still have the power over my own actions and I can choose to share good stories.

I challenge you to write a Christmas story, a story of hope and joy, and then to share it!

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