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Christmas Stories

One of my favorite Christmas traditions growing up was reading Christmas stories. Every night in December, we would light a tapered candle with dots painted for each day, counting down to Christmas. My mom would read Christmas stories to me and my siblings while the candle burned to the next dot.

I have always loved stories in every form. So, it makes sense to me that this is my favorite tradition. However, I feel like this tradition captures the spirit of Christmas more than any other.

Christmas Spirit

The spirit of Christmas is full of magic, miracles, and kindness. Sadly, we don’t have these feelings all year round, but at the end of the year, there is luckily an abundance. Hope and excitement is found in decorations, stores, kid’s faces, and countless other places. The best part of all is that people are kind to one another, even to complete strangers. Maybe the idea of Santa watching plays a part in the good will, but either way, people tend to be happier.

Magic in possibilities, and kindness in strangers has a power during Christmas that isn’t found any other time. The Christmas season is when people can imagine their dreams being fulfilled. When there is hope for society to heal and joy in the blessings of life.

The Story of Christmas

No matter who the characters are, or if it’s even a true story, what makes a Christmas story is hope and joy. The season of the story doesn’t matter, the purpose is simply to share the goodness of life. This may be in kindness, in hope, in miracles, or simple joys, but a Christmas story is about showing us that life is good.

With all of the crap we go through in life, we always need a reminder that life is still good. That is what Christmas stories are for. Even if it isn’t in the binder of stories you read every year, you can find Christmas stories all around you. In the stories told by children, or a neighbor. Stories exist everywhere when you look for them.

Find Christmas stories in your day to day lives, and be sure to read a few as well. Fill the season with hope and reminders that life is good. We all deserve to feel some magic this year!

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