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Summer of Reading

Summer means more sun and more time to do fun things. Clearly one of those things is reading! Some may not see it that way, but let me share my point of view. First of all, summer is supposed to be nostalgic and reading fits right into that perfectly. Reading also improves so many aspects of your life, that it will most certainly help you with some of your summer plans. So, what do you have planned for your summer?

Purpose of Summer

Summer is when you enjoy the outdoors. Go swimming, plant a garden, hike, go barefoot. Anything about enjoying the world. When you make new friends, try some new things, and take a vacation. For others, summertime may mean life continues, but now with air conditioning. Either way, there is more sunlight during the day, which allows a little more time to do some interesting things.

Relaxing and enjoying a day or two all to yourself is a staple of summer. Nothing is more relaxing than forgetting reality completely and immersing yourself in a book. The problem with summer is an increased risk of sunburn and heatstroke. To avoid that, spend the hottest part of the day inside, reading!

Benefits of Reading

Reading obviously improves literacy and comprehension. For students, continuing to read keeps the mind actively learning and in-shape to go back to school. Consistent reading also improves learning ability. Vocabulary is increased with reading, and this even applies to toddlers, when stories are read to them.

So reading is important for kids, but what about the rest of us? We all still learn, no matter our ages. But more than that, reading improves the quality of people we are. By increasing creativity, critical thinking, and empathy, even adults have more to gain from reading. All of this applies to fiction as well as non-fiction.

How Reading Enhances Summer

Don’t exclude your other summer activities, but think of how reading could make those activities better. Going for a hike is great for your physical and mental health! But what if you learned about the local flora and fauna and could recognize it on your hike? Or if you could imagine an adventure story playing out among the trees you are walking by? Before or during your vacation or cruise to Europe or the Bahamas, what could you learn about the history and culture there?

When the weather ruins your plans, with rain or excessive heat, it’s a perfect time to explore a book. The same scenario instigated the adventure in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. Maybe you want to spend the summer building relationships. Build strong connections by reading a book out loud together. A topic of conversation and common ideas are introduced that way. Maybe you want to write, the foundation of all writers is reading.

Plan your Summer of Reading

Make some good plans to make the most of your summer! Find books that go well with the activities and adventures you have planned for your summer. Maybe your summer will be all about history or classics? I have to say, that I loved reading Les Miserables! Maybe survival skills books to go with your camping and hiking plans. Or perhaps you’ll go for a nostalgic fantasy and fairytale theme. While a medley of genres would make quite the adventurous summer!

If you’d like some ideas, check out Usborne books. Or this reading list.

So what is your summer reading list?

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        1. Ooh same! Though mostly fantasy for me. I know you shared your favorite classics on a previous post. But would you mind sharing some recommendations for the summer reading list for other readers?
          Also, I’d love it if you came to the book party on wednesday! Mostly books for kids, including classics and fantasy, but great novels for young adults as well!

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