Three Ways to Write During the Holidays

The most wonderful time of the year is full of family, meals, parties, stress, and budgeting. How can we possibly find time, energy, or material to write and create with? Crafters go crazy with making wreaths, cute decorations, and wrapping presents that look like their own decorations.

Writers can do the same thing. Simply by recording the miracles and the touching moments. By switching up the hallmark ending. And reinventing gift giving with a story. Are ways that writers can keep the habit of writing during the holidays and even enriching the special time of year.

Recording Moments

Most people a little kinder during the holidays, and plenty of miracles occur. Even the moments of being with friends and family for a day or two is a miracle in and of itself. Write down the situation, the kindness, and the feelings that come with the holidays. It doesn’t have to go to a story yet, those raw material can be recorded and used in the future. Don’t think for a moment that you will always remember every detail of something that happens. You may not have time to write all the details, but take the time to write enough that you can go back to it and access the same emotion you had then.

The holidays are when you break away from routines and day-to-day drudgery. But when things are happening, it’s the perfect time to gather more material. So keep writing during the holidays, even if it’s just taking notes of the crazy things that go on. Interactions with your crazy uncle, kindness of strangers, all of the noteworthy moments you are able to witness.

Switch up Hallmark

Holidays bring cheesy, predictable movies. A perfect time to exercise your creativity and find ways to throw the entire thing off kilter. You may decide to rewrite the hallmark into a horror, or go beyond the obvious and throw in a twist that still has a happy ending but different than what was predicted.

Some of my favorite movies are the ones that threw me for a loop. The ones that made me think and rewatch them to get them figured out. Others don’t like that level of complexity. But on a smaller scale, one example is a story about a girl dating two different guys that both happen to be writers. Then at the end, you actually find out that one of the guys is actually the written version of the story, written by the only guy, that’s a writer.

Reinvent Gift-Giving

Perfect gifts are great, and not-so-fitting gifts are still nice. Either way, it’s always the thought that counts. But what if the thought truly does go with the gift? One of my favorite gifts that I received from my younger sister was a short story that she had written. I always pestered her about telling me stories she made up, because I was obsessed with stories. (I still am). Giving a story that’s kinda dedicated to someone is pretty special. But it doesn’t have to be giving an actual story.

Simply the story behind the gift makes the gift that much more special. The simple, “I saw this and thought of you” is touching. Or what agonizing path did you take to come up with the perfect gift. Your efforts are just as important as the product. How did you decide on the gift? And why did you want to give it?

Holidays are special, so keep it special with what is important to you. Write all year long and keep that wonderful part of you a continuous part of your life. Especially for the most wonderful time of the year!

What are ways you keep yourself writing?

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