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After Halloween

So Halloween is over, and we have all had more candy than we need. But the best part about Halloween doesn’t have to be over. The candy gets eaten, the pumpkins start caving in on their old faces, and it becomes strange to wear capes around in public. However, the excitement of being whoever you want to be, doesn’t have to end. The part I love about Halloween is that everyone is being creative, and they get to be who, or what, they really wish to be.

Be Who You Wish You Could Be

I propose that we keep the Halloween magic going! I personally really want to be an extremely famous author, so therefore I want to act like one, and pound out a novel in the month of November (NaNoWriMo).

You may have your own variation, whatever you want to be, find a way to be that in the next few weeks or months. If you want to be a superhero; find a way to be incredibly super. Maybe by doing all of your jobs, homework, keeping your room clean, etc in a super way. If you want to be a monster, then be really kind to your friends and family and they’ll be scared, wondering what you’re really up to.

Be Creative

Keep using your creativity, everyone has some and it’s all incredible. However you celebrated Halloween shows a little bit of your creativity and there’s a story in there. I would love to hear those stories!

This year for Halloween I was the wicked witch of the east from the Wizard of Oz. (This is the witch that is killed with a house landing on top of her). How did I decide on that? I had a Dorothy costume from years previous (another story in and of itself) and I didn’t want to wear the whole costume. I pretend to be an adult sometimes and so I feel silly wearing a full costume, plus I’m too old to go trick or treating.

So my plan was just to wear the sparkly red shoes. (Notice that my creativity went to a costume I did years ago.) But I was told that I couldn’t really be Dorothy without wearing the blue and white checkered dress. So I decided to wear green socks with the shoes and I’d be the witch that owned the shoes before Dorothy got them. The bonus is that you never see more than her feet so I could wear whatever I wanted.

Continue the Best Part About Halloween

There are stories everywhere and you have them too! So, tell me about the story behind your costume. And if you want, you can even make it all up, that’s the fun of being creative! Or tell me about being a superhero or some mythical beast. But remember to be whatever you want to be, even after Halloween!

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