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Have you had a hobby that you’ve always wanted to learn or do more? We often conclude that we don’t have time to do the things we’d like to do. But is that really the problem? Take a look at this video about two guys starting a new business. Do they recognize the real problem? It seems silly, yet so often we do the exact same thing!

None of us are really too busy to have hobbies, we just don’t always realize what our real hobbies are. Things that aren’t considered hobbies are work, school, eating, sleeping, and necessary cleaning. While these things really fill up your time, there is still a little more time in the day. If you have an app or game that you use to help you wind down before bed, then that’s a hobby.

I have recently acquired a tablet and have fallen into the drowning world of apps for everything, but I don’t plan on the numerous apps being my only hobby. I understand the need to have a game that allows you to forget all of the crazy things in life and help you have a moment for yourself. But there may be a better way of doing things.

First let’s identify the real problem, is the truck too small, or do we need to look somewhere else for a solution? We all have the same amount of hours in a day, and we really can’t do much to fix that. We need to fulfill our responsibilities and take care of ourselves. That leaves us with a limited amount of time left, but is there a better way for us to do things?

Next, what are real solutions to look into for what we found is the real problem? What if we have a game that allows us to calm down but we never have time to start a hobby of some sort of craft? Well, would that craft help us calm down? Or is there a game or app that would help us craft? Is there some way to meet needs and responsibilities while still learning a new hobby?

Realizing that the real problem is the way we use our time allows us to see possible solutions. What do we do that isn’t a hobby or use of our time that we really want? Maybe that game isn’t really helpful, but there’s another game that would be, you aren’t really giving up your time for fun and relaxation, just adjusting it.

Maybe your current hobbies are fun but don’t really help you with bigger goals in life, then you may want to look at adjusting them. I feel like the greatest kind of hobby is something that allows you to learn or gain experience that will help you in future goals. However, if your hobby is being a vegetable for twenty minutes at a time and you don’t have higher aspirations, then you enjoy that.

I challenge you to look into the real solutions to learning the hobbies you’d really like to have. Maybe that hobby will be finding the real problems and solving them. Share the solution to the hobby you’re learning.

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