Story Prompt #4

One of my favorite kinds of movies are the ones about writers. They are absolutely relatable and hilarious. I’ve seen an action one, a romantic comedy, a period piece, and other genres. This prompt kind of goes with a recent post Finishing Art. Because, while some of you may not be writers, we are all artists to some degree. So, this prompt is to write (or create in your own art form) about a character that is a writer/artist.

The dreaded writer’s block or silent muse don’t have to keep you from creating. We all have plenty of life experiences to pull from, including the parts that make it difficult to do what we wish we could be doing. Creating. Your character can be struggling with time management, health problems, mental breakdowns, or lack of creative juices. Write/draw/create about the struggles and how they find a solution.

The struggle for dying eggs could be that colors bleed or blend the wrong way, eggs slip and break or fall into the wrong dye. Maybe the end result is a mess, that can be turned into art. I’ve seen shattered vases that are reconstructed and the seams just add to the beauty.

The prompt in a nutshell: Take your creative art form and the greatest struggle you have at the moment and make that into your next piece.

I would love to hear about the ideas you have! Don’t be afraid to share them because they will probably help someone else. Write away!

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