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After Easter

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter! I realize that not everyone is religious, but I want to just take a moment to share that I know that Jesus Christ lives and that we have hope because of Him. This is what Easter and this wonderful season reminds me.

I love all of the symbols that we find in this holiday, all of it associated with spring. New life is everywhere, in the flowers, the bright eggs, birds, fuzzy rabbits, earth day, and the reason for the holiday. All of this points to hope and new beginnings.

In appreciation of Easter and Earth Day, I want to issue a challenge. We set goals for New Year’s every year and we’re all ready for our New Starts. If you’re like me, you may not necessarily even remember what those goals were. So, this is the perfect time for a renewal!

Regardless of the mistakes you’ve made, forgive yourself and others. Just like the season is forgiving of the death and gloom of winter, there is new life and growth. Make new goals, and rather than agonizing over the details, just get up and Hop to It! That is my challenge to all of you, the #hoptoitchallenge which includes just getting up and doing good things, taking a picture, and sharing it.

Easter is about hope and a new start. You can accomplish the goals you have in life because of hope and a new start. So, take this wonderful opportunity and spring or hop towards the life and goals that you want. Make a new life for yourself with the hope of the season!

If you’re up to the challenge, like and share this, and challenge a few of your friends and family. Then you pick a good thing that will push you toward the life and goals you want, and do it!

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