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Finishing Art

I will be the first one to admit that I have the drawing skills of a third grader, along with my cursive. I am not an artist at all, as far as creating pictures is concerned. Writing is the art that I’m working on perfecting. But I believe that there is art in almost all aspects of life. Landscaping, yard work, parenting, organizing, cleaning, and probably at least some part of every career.

What is art?

The google dictionary defines art as “the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination”. So, the execution of your ideas is art. You can find art in a lot of your daily activities, habits, and even some of your faults. The way you can fit all the dishes you have into the dishwasher, because you only do dishes once in a while, and make it worth the effort. How you organize your schedule to fit in all the craziness of life and still get enough sleep.

The arts are an important part of humanity, because it’s a lot of what we do, and because it shapes us as people. The arts that we make apart of our lives shapes who we are. Art allows us to better understand life, express ideas, and create perspective. Our attitudes, what we’re able to accomplish, and what we contribute to the world is all part of the art we create in our lives.

The Setback

The problem, is that life is crazy, and we all seem to have some level of ADD. So, we don’t end up finishing our “art” projects. I have a friend that refers to this condition as a chronic starter, meaning you have lots of things you start, but have a hard time finishing. I have always had that issue, I’ve gotten interested in beading, making jewelry, weaving rugs, pottery, bookbinding, and a bunch of other crafts that I haven’t really finished. Not to mention goals and stories that I’ve started.


I feel like I am beginning to make a little progress in switching things around. I’ve been able to buckle down and make my self finish small things like cleaning my room, yard work projects, and other things with the idea from a previous blog; Hop to it Spring. I actually finished a draft of a story by using my intense focus goal of My March Madness. But, this is just my start, I’ve still got a ways to go.

I believe in little steps at a time, so I will still be doing my #HopToItChallenge on little things and I’ll do a periodic goal blitz again to help me keep going. I’d like to invite you to do these along with me. There’s still time to make a goal and write in Camp NaNoWriMo. You can still do a lot in half a month.

We have wonderful things to contribute to our lives, those around us, and the world. Don’t give up on all of the projects that you have, but learn to finish your art. Take the little steps and challenges. If you’re serious about it, you can make an investment with me on a workbook and planner that will help you learn to become a finisher; The Art of Finishing. Good luck on your projects, and let me know what art you’ve been up to recently.

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