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Flipping the Quarter

I’ve always imagined my life in five or ten years and where I’d like to be. One of those milestone visions was at age 25. I’ve recently turned a quarter of century, and I’ll say right now, I’m not where I imagined I’d be, at this point in my life. I have graduated from High School, and there are a few other things I got right, so that’s good. But I haven’t started my career or a family. But it’s still okay.

I imagine it like being two sides of the same quarter. On one side is the way I imagined my life to turn out, and on the other is how it really is now. The quarter could have easily landed on either side, but the probability ends once the quarter has landed. With no way of changing the outcome, I get to make the most of what I’ve ended up with.

Life is good! I can see reasons why I’m glad I didn’t end up with the other side of the coin. Looking back at my experiences and realize where I made progress with scary things, and what I want to change in my life. It’s made me realize that the rest of my life is contingent on my next decisions. Like flipping a quarter every few days, but I don’t have to leave it up to chance.

I’m on to the next quarter of my life, which means I’ve got a lot to accomplish, and I get to keep trying till I get there. With a good start in life, I just have to make the right adjustments to reach my ideal. Or rather, work towards my ideal and end up with the better side of the coin.

The next quarter of my life, I’m gonna spend it writing and doing what’s important to me. So the probability of getting a pretty awesome version of my goals is fairly high. Here’s to new adventures, taking risks, and making the most of a quarter! What are you going to do with the next segment of your life?

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