Story Prompt Challenge #5

This prompt is in relation to a few of my previous posts, primarily Acknowledging the Ducklings. I strongly believe in the power of stories, and especially the way we are able to learn from them. I’ve written some about that in Real Magic as well as a few of my other posts.

This challenge is to write a fable. The story of The Ugly Duckling is an example of a fable, where the story is used to teach an important life lesson. While these are often directed towards kids, even adults can learn from them.

The Ugly Duckling teaches about not judging others, not to bully, to value everyone, and to see the potential in yourself. Of course, there may be more, but these are what I pull from the story. Choose a concept, whether it be something interesting in nature or a lesson that means a lot to you. Then create a story around it.

This prompt will help you practice writing a theme, creativity, and developing a story line. Even if you just think about it, though I strongly recommend writing it down, it will improve your skills. And, as always, please share with me what ideas or concepts you come up with! I always love to hear about another fable!

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