Story Prompt Challenge #7

Everyone has blessings. Most of us feel like the greatest blessing is our families, friends, or health. However, beyond that we tend to value things differently. Especially in between the holiday of gratitude and the holiday of giving, we tend to think a bit more about what we value and consider blessings. The way we value things tells a lot about who we are.

I personally consider my laptop one of my most valuable possessions. To some, a laptop is a device that allows you to play games, essentially a time-waster. Others associate a laptop with work. I love my laptop because I’m a writer, and with doing school online, it’s how I learn and progress.

What you consider most valuable may be the blessing of a safe home or your dream car you worked hard for. Not only the item, but the reason for placing value is just as significant. What an object or a person represents to someone often surpasses the actual monetary value required to obtain it in the first place.

A single item may even have its own history. An abstract scribble may be a child’s depiction of a memory. An old dish may have been passed down from generation to generation. And something bought from a second-hand store has already had a series of adventures before beginning the ones with the new owner.

The Greatest Blessing

Choose something, anything, that is or isn’t of value to you and write the story of its value, or the story of the person to whom it is valuable. You can really stretch yourself and write about how a piece of trash has real value to someone. Or you may write about a blessing in your life and how it affected you. There’s a story behind everything, and I love hearing about them!

If you’re ready for a new prompt or story idea, check out another prompt challenge for this time of year. Then share it, just for fun, you may be surprised who wants to read more.

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