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I need to express how grateful I am for everything that I take for granted. Especially with all of the crazy things going on in the world, it is easy to overlook the good things. This last week I have been able to see how lucky I really am.


Opportunities are all around us along with blessings that we take for granted. Because of technology, we are able to communicate across the world and within our own cities without ever leaving our homes. We always have opportunities to continue living our lives, regardless of the chaos going on around us.

This last week I have had to stay home on quarantine. I was able to work from home, communicate with friends and family, write, attend a writing conference, and do my Christmas shopping. I really haven’t missed out on anything. Except for digging my car out of the snow.


My bosses and coworkers made sure that I had everything I need to be able to work from home. I could do almost everything I usually do, and still be able to communicate with them. Regardless of my limitations, I am still able to work my normal hours.

I have become more aware of all of the help and support that I receive from friends and family. Even while I am completely by myself, I don’t feel alone. I’ve had help, complete with frequent communication, grocery deliveries, and fictional dramatizations of my quarantine.


I will forever be especially grateful that I can write. I feel that writing – the creation and enjoyment of stories, is one of the best things about all of life. Politics and pandemics will not prevent me from writing.

Regardless of being on quarantine, I was able to attend Fyrecon, and catch up on the World Fantasy Convention. Knowledge is easily accessible and I have been able to gain it from the greats! What may have been my favorite part was learning about the Writers of the Future opportunities. An illustrator version exists as well for those of you who create visually!

The world can get as crazy as it wants. But we will always still have some good things. We will also always work to offer good things to others. Whether you share knowledge, stories, food, company, or anything else, there is someone that is grateful for you!

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