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Halloween Roots

The history of halloween and the origin is interesting. Most holidays stem from religious roots, and Halloween is no different. No, it isn’t a devil worshiping or witch cult kind of holiday. Halloween came from a Celtic festival that was kind of their new year. The night before their new year is when they believed the spirit world was close.

Many of the magical parts of Halloween began in the belief that the spirits give signs to individuals about their future. All of the current day traditions are just embellishments of the things they did to celebrate. Dressing up in costumes and using apples to receive signs from the spirits are things that contribute to contemporary celebrations.

I really like that the Halloween, or All Hallows Eve, beginnings were actually focused on the future. Preparing for winter and receiving guidance from ancestors aren’t things that seem evil at all. In fact, I feel like it’s a healthy celebration. The modern version is a different story, however.

Old Fashioned Halloween

A large percentage of Halloween celebrations and themes have become grotesque and disturbing.But I think there is a lot we can do to make it a positive and helpful celebration. Making it a time to face fears and use our creativity. Creating dreams and goals of what we would like to be in our lives, and then letting the sugar highs help us jump into those plans and goals for the days after.

The end of October may really be about learning from your ancestors and allowing them to help you prepare for the future. Why not make it a time to work on your creativity? Fashion designers, writers, artists, musicians, party planners, and others can all have incredible ideas to celebrate in their own way. Maybe take the time to connect with the historical figures that have influenced your genre. Where you’re at now is because of people who have come before, so learn from them and prepare for your future. Colder weather is a great time to stay where it’s warm and work on talents and hobbies. Have a wonderful All Hallows Eve!

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