Easter for Creatives

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Easter is a combination of Christianity and the Pagan Spring Festival. . A variety of beliefs and traditions have resulted in how we celebrate today. I always enjoy learning about the origins of traditions and you can read a little more here. But I want to talk about how Easter is for writers and creatives. With an overarching theme of Spring and New Life, Easter is perfect for creatives


Easter in Christianity is a celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. A man who gave His life for his friends and enemies, but took His life up again to save all of us. Jesus Christ is the greatest hero. His message and story offers hope and healing to anyone and everyone. For writing and creating, isn’t this the greatest source of inspiration?

Heroes and hope are the type of stories that are inspired by the Christian remembrance of Easter. Not only is this perfect for a type story, but also a moment in every story. An underdog story, a heroic sacrifice, a coming of age, rising to leadership, are all perfect types of stories that you might be inspired to create as a result of the Easter story.

The moment or beat in every story that resembles the hope of Easter is the one of renewed determination. When a character has fallen harder than before, they have that moment when they stand back up. Whether the story ends happily or not, the moment when the main character is determined to try anyway, is almost magical. Hope and determination means new life, even if it is for someone else.

With a message of life and hope, Christianity celebrates Easter as a time for faith and renewed determination. This serves as a perfect opportunity to share your message of hope and new beginnings. With an incredible inspiration for heroes, create a story about service and sacrifice.


Easter parades, an egg laying rabbit, flowers, eggs, and baby chicks are icons of spring. The celebration of new life after winter is full of excitement. Capturing that emotion in your art can be fun for you as well as your audience. Cleaning out the Winter Blahs is a short story that I wrote to express the refreshing feeling I have in getting ready for spring.

Of course, creativity is encouraged in decorating easter eggs, and again in hunting for the hidden treasures. Easter inspires an adventure in creating and finding the brightest and happiest things we can find.

A mammal that lays colorful eggs, who can argue that Easter isn’t clearly meant to inspire fantasy? The bright colors and excitement of Easter is evidently an inspiration for new stories and colorful worlds. Easter is for creatives and is meant to bring a renewed hope and excitement in your life.

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