Easter Hero

I want to take this opportunity to talk about my greatest hero. He is my Savior and Redeemer, Jesus Christ. Most everyone knows about the easter story, how Jesus was killed and three days later, came back to life.

Easter represents a new beginning, and a new opportunity given to us by Jesus. Because Jesus died and came back to life, He made it possible for us to do the same. He also made it possible for us to change, to give up our mistakes and start again.

We celebrate our Easter Hero every spring, when we think of pure white bunnies, hatching eggs, and bright, happy colors. The holiday symbols we use are reminders of Him and what He has done for us. We have hope because of Jesus, and the excitement of spring colors and easter traditions represent that.

Christ is a hero because He rescued us from a permanent death. That alone is enough. However, He also gave us the chance to have a new beginning and a fresh start over and over again. Not everyone believes in Jesus Christ, I do, but if you don’t, you still believe in heroes.

What Makes a Hero

Some heroes win battles or conquer a foe. But the most essential part of being a hero, the part we need in our lives, is the ability to inspire. Jesus Christ lived a life with love that inspires us to do the same. Other heroes inspire us to be brave or resilient.

But the ability to inspire is more than just expressing or teaching a quality. The qualification comes only when a hero lives true to a characteristic despite every reason to live otherwise.

I happen to be lucky enough to have another hero in my dad. (Who happens to have a birthday soon. Happy Birthday Papa!) He is one that has taught me to emulate the Savior, by his loving and serving those around him. Regardless of my teenage justification, my dad has consistently been patient and forgiving.

Writing Heroes

When it comes to story building and character development, the best source is always life and personal experience. Not all of my heroes will be the same, but they will share a few characteristics. For example, the strength of a hero will not be because of something easy, but rather what they choose to do.

Another common aspect of heroes that I have found, is that the expectation is defied. Either the hero is the scrawny, goofy kid, or the rescue isn’t by winning the fight. Maybe you have an antihero, or the twist of the story is the identification of the hero.

A few of the most important parts of a hero may be the reason behind what they do. Consider your heroes and why they stand out to you. What do you find that adds to a hero? Jesus is a hero to me because He lived and died because He loves me and everyone else. He did what He did for those he loved. Who are some of your heroes and why?

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