Seasonal Blogs

Words for every Season. I find that the time of year influences what I learn and write as much as what I celebrate and think about.

New Year’s

Resolutions are the goals we set every year. I happen to feel like thinking about the specific words used for the goal increase our success.

The irony of this blog post is that I wanted to have it up before the New Year. But I am very skilled in the art of procrastination.

The new year seems to be one of the most exciting times of the year because everyone is geared up to work on their new year resolutions.

One of the most powerful things in the world is words. We’ve heard that the pen is mightier than the sword and we’ve seen instances in history where it’s true.

Everyone experiences a rough year at some point. However, that is no reason to not rise up like a hero fighting for a happily ever after.

Valentine’s Day

We’re in the middle of the winter season which means a few things, first that we’ve dealt with the cold and want spring. And that we may be experiencing some sad days.

Romance is a genre, a story element, and an emotional beat. Find out how to include romance in your story to improve your writing.

Leap Year

Who knows what the point of a leap year is? I’m sure that it’s a dat to create a new world! At the very least, a day for new ideas!


Not exactly all about sports, but it is about having goals. Go crazy and have a goal blitz!

All right, it’s Spring! This prompt is about transitioning from winter to spring.

Spring is time for a new start, so regardless of the lost hour of sleep, be proactive and meet the challenge! #hoptoitchallenge

Based on Story Prompt Challenge #2 – Flora gets rid of her cabin fever by starting an early spring cleaning. Winter blahs are swept away with preparations for Spring.

St Patrick’s Day

St Patrick’s Day has an interesting history with a lot of symbols. Consider the lucky charms you have that can inspire your life and creativity.

You may think you know how to find a pot of gold, but it isn’t quite what the stories seem. I’ll tell you a true story of a leprechaun.


My greatest hero is Jesus Christ, and we get to celebrate Him as a hero every Easter! He teaches me how I can be better and write better.

Easter represents new life and hope. We can internalize the holiday by starting fresh, full of hope. Accept the challenge with me!

The Christian and Spring holiday of Easter is full of inspiration and perfectly designed for creatives, with hope, excitement, and heroes.

Earth Day

World building can be beautifying your spot on earth, or creating a new universe. Celebrate Earth Day in the best way for you, and appreciate our world!


Gardening skills apply directly to writing skills. Weeding is a process that you can’t do all at once. Editing is the same way.

Memorial Day

Memorial Day is when we take time to remember the people who have died and what they have done for us. The best memorial is what we do from now on.

Independence Day

History and culture are what makes a country. In developing patriotism or creating a country, nation, or world. Come to understand the culture and history.


Attention to all writers: Have you ever heard of National Novel Writing Month? It happens in November!

Happy first day of fall! There are a few cool things that happen on the fall equinox.

For me, fall has always been about changes. School starts, leaves change, plants and animals go into hibernation, days get shorter, weather gets colder . . .

We all experience anxiety, the first day of school, hunting, even writing. An anxiety prompt will help you understand yourself, and write.

Emotions are a large part of experiences in stories, The Hunt is a true story in which I am practicing the portrayal of emotions and anxiety. Based on Prompt Challenge #12.


Characters in a story have a deep and dark place in their story arcs. We have them in our lives as well. Do you know yours? or better – the solution?

In our minds, princesses have specific qualities. But aren’t there exceptions to all of them? What princesses are in your life? What princesses do you write about?

Halloween is about monsters and candy . . . or maybe about preparing for the future, genealogy, and creativity. What is an old-fashioned Halloween like?

Based on the Story Prompt Challenge #3, this story is about a spider that goes on an adventure with a drastic shift.

Halloween is over, and we have all had more candy than we need. But the best part about Halloween doesn’t have to be over.

A while ago my mom told me she had a nightmare, so I listened, waiting for the part where a tiger comes after her.

One of my favorite things about Halloween, besides the good candy, is that you get to dress up to be whatever you want to be.

Dia de los Muertos is celebrated October 31st through November 2nd. But I think it is still relevant for the holidays.


The one holiday that seems to get overlooked because of the proximity to the biggest holiday of the year.

Although Thanksgiving has passed, it doesn’t mean the season of thanks is over.

We all value things differently, some of us share favorites such as family, friends, and health. How is your greatest blessing so great and important?

We all need to practice gratitude. Even characters need a moment of thanksgiving or recognition to complete a story arc and progression.

Regardless of the craziness of the world, I’ve been pretty dang lucky! I am grateful for all of the people and opportunities I enjoy!

Food is important to us. Which is why putting food in our fiction is accessing way more than just the sense of taste.


I am putting out a challenge, and if I can meet it, then so can you. Use the season to inspire you to write and create.

Based on Story Prompt Challenge #1. A story of a winter tradition.

Looking out at the sun shinning on yellowed grass and bare trees, you almost feel like you’re in a desert.

Depression is encountered by a lot of people. Creators may have a special relationship with it, and it doesn’t have to be a bad thing.


Every year, time seems to go faster, and before you know it, the holidays have already come and gone.

Children say it’s the presents, adults usually say it’s being with family or the spirit that comes with the holiday.

Sometimes a single item has more meaning than imagined. Symbols of Christmas can remind you of the true spirit of the season.

Nothing captures the spirit of Christmas like Christmas stories. We all deserve a reminder of miracles, joy, and the goodness of life!

Christmas is a powerful and magical season. Capture that spirit in a story and put it out into the world with this Christmas Prompt Challenge!