Topics In Fiction

This series is a collection of topics and how they impact a fictional story. What many people don’t realize is that real life and fiction are reflections of one another. Even with bizarre or fantastic elements, fiction often teaches us more about the human condition and living life than what we are able to learn in real life.

Life in Fiction

Living as Productively as a Story

People and Characters

Diversity in People


Wood Elves

Pretty Princesses

Bright Stars


Easter Hero

Worlds and Places

Earth Day and Worldbuilding

Building a Country

Homes in Fiction


Food in Fiction

All things of value require hard work. The same is true of work in fiction. Work is required of characters, writers, and worlds.

Events and Plot Points

Romance is a genre, a story element, and an emotional beat. Find out how to include romance in your story to improve your writing.

Emotions are essential in Stories. The reader, the characters, and the writer should all be experiencing a variety of emotions.

Turning Points

It’s a Good Scary

Looking Up

New Starts

Down and Depressed


Systems and Organizations


Magic Systems

Politics in Fiction

Evolution in Fiction

Unexpected Fruits

Making Potions