Topics In Fiction

This series is a collection of topics and how they impact a fictional story. What many people don’t realize is that real life and fiction are reflections of one another. Even with bizarre or fantastic elements, fiction often teaches us more about the human condition and living life than what we are able to learn in real life.

The intro to the In Fiction series of blogs that share how real experiences in life contribute to writing and creativity in general.

When I first started writing stories I would have characters go on one adventure after another. The characters were always moving along, but not really going anywhere.

People and Characters

The world is full of crazies, foreigners, and people with different challenges. Most of them are still good people. Diversity is what makes them incredible!

Good characters make a good story. Using the lovable characteristic of my nephew, I point out the essential parts of character development.

I love writing, and I absolutely love fantasy. So, I thought I would share a little exercise I did the other day. This is me trying to consolidate ideas for a race of wood elves.

In our heads, princesses have specific qualities, But aren’t there exceptions for all of them? What princesses are in you life? What princesses do you write?

For centuries people have been using stars to find direction and inspiration in their lives. Characters and people act as bright stars in life and in stories.

What is the fine line that separates you from becoming a villain? Every incredibly important part of a story, has their own story.

Beasts in fiction exist in a variety of ways; dragons or difficulties. What is important in developing creatures and overcoming challenges?

My greatest hero is Jesus Christ, and we get to celebrate Him as a hero every Easter! He teaches me how I can be better and write better.

Feminism has tried to define a strong female character, but maybe the strong female characters should be what redefines feminism.

Worlds and Places

World building can be beautifying your spot on earth, or creating a new universe. Celebrate Earth Day in the best way for you, and appreciate our world.

History and culture are what makes a country. In developing patriotism or creating a country, nation, or world, come to understand the culture and history.

With houses so standard to life, why not make the story a little more interesting with a different kind of home? Consider new dwellings for your story . . .

We have a few opportunities to learn things from the calendar. Including a few marked days to learn more about other cultures.

Food is important to us. Which is why putting food in our fiction is accessing way more than just the sense of taste.

All things of value require hard work. The same is true of work in fiction. Work is required of characters, writers, and worlds.

Events and Plot Points

Romance is a genre, a story element, and an emotional beat. Find out how to include romance in your story to improve your writing.

Emotions are essential in Stories. The reader, the characters, and the writer should all be experiencing a variety of emotions.

A single altering choice may be what brings about an entire story. Fiction, as well as real life, is dependent on these single moments.

There have been so many moments in my life when I have found myself scared to death and excited at the same time.

When I played on the high school soccer team, our couch would often remind us to look up.

The new year seems to be one of the most exciting times of the year because everyone is geared up to work on their new year resolutions.

Depression is encountered by a lot of people. Creators may have a special relationship with it, and it doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

Resolutions are the goals we set every year. I happen to feel like thinking about the specific words used for the goal, increase our success.

Systems and Organizations

All creatives have something to learn from one another. Here I share what I have learned from my youngest sister and how fashion applies to fiction.

Magic is awesome, but with gaps in the system, it weakens the story. Learn the elements of writing a magic system and how to make it strengthen the story.

Evolving is about adapting and improving. We can do that in our writing, the process, and the story.

Governments and politics are very much apart of the real world. But they greatly impact fiction as well. Read how you can strengthen your story politically.

My little sister decided one year that she wanted to grow gapes in our yard. After accidentally over fertilizing, she gave up, assuming that she had killed the plant beyond revival.

Creativity is making something out of almost nothing. That takes a little bit of magic, like making potions!

A sub-genre of fiction that allows us to better understand the problems in society find solutions through the cultural genre stories.