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Real Magic

Since the days of the cavemen, this magic has existed, and it will continue to exist until the end of everything, and even then it may still carry on. This magic can be accessed by everyone and is as powerful as the user and receiver make it. The magic that really exists is stories.

Don’t scoff and move on quite yet, if you think about it, we all have at least one story we remember from childhood that really spoke to us. Maybe it was a little storybook, or a story about a sibling, or a story your parents made up. It could’ve been a story an older sibling made up that terrified you for weeks. How did that story influence you and for how long?

Maybe in 1st or 2nd grade you found a story that actually made you like reading and made all the hard work and tears worth it. Didn’t that story have some kind of magic? It got you to want to read. Magic has to be involved if it’s going to entertain a group of people, old and young, by keeping them staring at a lighted box. Movies wouldn’t be any good without a story. Even documentaries are sharing a story.

Stories make up the essence of life, it’s how we communicate, how we learn, how we relax, how we play. There isn’t any point in our lives that we’ve gone without stories. You don’t grow out of them either. One story can appeal to a child and an adult at the same time, and a child’s story can teach an adult a valuable lesson.

Stories are a magic that everyone has access to. There are elaborate sagas and simple anecdotes, each with their own strengths and influences. You can practice storytelling to get better at it, but you don’t always have to be good at it for your story to be a powerful magic. We are all unique, so therefore, we have unique stories, and our own magic. Keep magic in your life by reading and sharing stories.

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