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Earth Day and World Building

The Earth has had me quite mesmerized by a number of aspects. The moon and water are two of the things that has made me quite content living on Earth. However, the biggest reason I love observing nature is because I’m inspired to create my own worlds.

I’ve found it fitting to talk about world building on this particular day. With tomorrow being Earth day, and tonight including a meteor shower. Hundreds of natural things, we get to observe on Earth, are absolutely incredible. Sunsets, the moon on a clear or partially cloudy night, a climbing vine, a stream running over rocks are all incredible views.

Celebrate Earth Day

Earth day is about appreciating the planet and cleaning it up a bit. What better way than to express that with something you love?

  • Cleaning up an area
  • Planting trees, flowers, shrubs, vegetables, herbs
  • Taking pictures of pretty scenes
  • Drawing something from nature
  • Sharing about your favorite place in the world
  • Making a landscape in a sand box
  • Going on a hike or walk
  • Build your own world

We all have different talents and hobbies, and every one of them can be utilized in appreciating the Earth. My personal favorite is creating my own world.

World Building

My favorite science class was earth systems. Mostly, I just liked learning how everything interacted in an ecosystem. All of the plants, insects and animals had relationships with each other. Some of those relationships were symbiotic, or benefited both sides. Other relationships were links in the food chain.

The writer in me quickly went to the “what if” question, and loved it! What if there was a flower that grew near water and fed fish through the roots? The actual flower is poisonous to land animals and provides food and protection to fish swimming nearby. But now, what impact would this have on land animals? Or other kinds of fish?

Imagine what you would do if you had the same opportunity as the character in this story.


I am grateful for the wonderful world we get to live on! I sincerely hope that you find some way to appreciate and celebrate earth this week. Share in the comments below how you celebrate earth day. Whether you are improving the immediate area around you or creating an imaginary world, have a wonderful Earth day!

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