Story Prompt Challenge #10

The world is in a crazy upheaval with a global pandemic going on. Our lives are all affected in some way. Life is stressful as it is, and I think everyone has been experiencing a significant increase in stress.

My solution for the moment is a prompt challenge. Clearly this doesn’t solve the world’s problems. But we all need an escape once in a while. One of the greatest benefits of fiction is finding a momentary escape, from the life and world we have, to survive.


So, the prompt is this: Build a world.

I have recently used craft projects as a stress relief. When I am overwhelmed with work and school stress, it’s nice to use the creative side of my brain to balance everything out.

Building a world can be making a map of the country in your world. I have drawn some crude pictures of little worlds I’ve created. While they aren’t for sharing, they made me happy.

Enjoy this prompt challenge based on Earth Day and please share how you created a world!

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