Cinco de Mayo is an interesting day culturally. Growing up, like many, I thought it was Mexico’s Independence Day. Turns out that the Mexican Independence Day is in September. And May 5th is actually just an American holiday.

But we do use the day to celebrate Mexican culture. We still have some misconceptions about the culture, but we still try our best.

I was able to experience some mexican culture a few years ago. Including spending September 16th in Mexico. A few things Americans do have right is big parties, piƱatas, and lots of tacos.

We don’t quite get the food right, but that’s a tangeant for another day. Some of my favorite parts about the culture is the dedication to family, friends, work, and celebrations. Going half way isn’t an option.

All cultures shape the people raised in them. For good or bad, we develop a lot of chatacteristics and attitudes from our cultures.

Consider the strange things in your own culture. Think of the strengths and weaknesses of your culture that have effected you. Even individual families have their own internal cultures.

After eating tacos and wearing sombreros, maybe think about how you would like to change your personal or family culture. For the writers, think about the cultures of your characters and worlds.

Cultures are fascinating, so take the time to notice and celebrate them!

Feliz Cinco de Mayo!

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