Remember, Remember

I hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day! A lot have spent time visiting graves of family and thinking about the wonderful people who are no longer here. I have had some incredible people in my life that I like to remember. We can’t bring anyone back into our lives. What we can do, is live by what they taught us.

The whole point of history classes in school isn’t so we can pass a test or find a secret treasure by knowing historical facts. We learn history is to understand the mistakes and wise decisions that were made. Then we don’t have to learn as much in the same difficult ways.

Remember the Influence

Our parents and grandparents went through a lifetime of collecting wisdom. This wisdom was meant to be passed on to us. Some taught us by shared advice, others by example. In the end, the lessons and memories are the only things we can hold onto for now. Until we are able to be with the important people who have passed on, we can spend our time expanding on the wisdom they have left us.

Stories are one of the most powerful things in the world. Not because of the entertainment, but because of the lessons that are learned and absorbed through the telling and listening of the stories. Remember the “when I was your age . . ” stories? Those have more impact on you than you ever thought.

So many incredible memories and stories come to my mind when I think of my grandparents and others who have impacted my life. I don’t want to waste any time mourning the past or what I should have done. I hope to remember and live by what I remember of the incredible examples and lessons I’ve received.

A True Memorial

Simply remembering is a large step. Remembering people and what they stood for, then choosing to make that memory a part of you and make an impact on the kind of person that you become. Then, share those stories to spread the wisdom you were blessed with, and build on it to pass on with your own stories.

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